Why train with HUSTLE HIIT?

HUSTLE HIIT’s trainers & nutritionists are tirelessly working to increase the effectiveness of our methodologies to ensure that the services we are providing are results driven and maintained to the highest standard. We help people transform their bodies, create healthier lifestyle habits & guide them on their journey to become the best versions of themselves – physically & mentally.

HUSTLE HIIT’s founder, Sukhpreet Singh Takhar, created HUSTLE HIIT for people to visualize and associate exercise with being an exciting hobby/journey. The company is a London based personal trainer service, but the online fitness coaching service has led us into transforming bodies worldwide.

We are a result driven business. We do not make promises. We make guarantees. We take the greatest pleasure in assisting people to achieve the results they desire, pushing through barriers they never thought they could break through and thriving. To us, it is about helping others become the best version of themselves that they could possibly envision.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy behind HUSTLE HIIT is that exercise should be an empowering and enjoyable process - a philosophy that separates us from others. Whilst making it a more pleasurable & rewarding service, we still enforce a result driven focus. With our knowledge and a wealth of experience of working with a diverse client base, we have learnt how to tailor our communications and teachings to each individual and their own personal circumstances.

Hustler’s Ambition:

Motivation is key to us here at HUSTLE HIIT. Each coach has been through an online journey themselves. Experiencing the process, both from the view of a client and as a coach, has enhanced their understanding of both why motivation is crucial and exactly how to stay highly motivated. At the end of the day, if we are not motivated to help people achieve results, how can we expect them to stay motivated too? We hold accountability for the results of our clients, and we are very informative about the process and what is expected from the very beginning.

If you are ready to step out of your comfort zone into a new and better version of yourself HIIT us up!

What makes it LIIT?


We believe that hobbies and journeys should be enjoyable as it contributed massively towards staying committed. HIIT sessions are instructed by a professional who brings a vibe as well as the expertise. You can expect upbeat music to be playing to help you moving just as quick!


Working out at a high intensity, you will be completely focused on the movements and breathing. This means anything on your mind will be shut out for the duration of the workout – an escape from reality. Similarly, as you push your body through limits, any stresses you do have can be contributed towards pushing further!


Since HUSLTE HIIT was created, we have seen results in both physical appearances and mental states. To us it is imperative that both are looked after just as equally and that is exactly what we are here to help towards. Getting fit & living a healthier lifestyle is what we strive for.