Founder & Personal Trainer

Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer


My name’s Sukh aka @thehiithustler & I am the founder of HUSTLE HIIT. I created HUSTLE HIIT

with the vision to make fitness journey’s FUN. I have been a fully qualified Personal Trainer since

2014 and I have a huge passion to help others become the best version of themselves. I

specialise in weight loss and have helped over 100s of clients with transforming their body

through High Intensity Interval Training and writing up tailored nutrition programmes for them.

I have recently been on a weight loss transformation myself, losing just over 8kg in 8 weeks.

Following a guided plan, from our current online coach – Sunny Dhunna, it gave me a better idea

of how it feels to be a client and what challenges they face outside of exercising. It was

challenging but I was dedicated and willing to find more empathy for my clients.

Over the years, I have gained key knowledge and experience in becoming a specialist in weight

loss, but doing so through the most sustainable ways.

I am also first aid trained & fully insured with £10 million cover.


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Personal Trainer

Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer

My name is Amrita Tar /, and I am the newest Personal Trainer at Hustle Hiit!

Growing up, I was always an overweight individual. I thought that once I reached a certain

number on the scale, that I’d be happy – this was far from it! For a period of my life, I saw a

fluctuation of physical changes that were caused by mental health issues as well as medical conditions.

Overweight, my ‘ideal’ weight, self-conscious, low self-esteem, desperate. I’ve been there. I’ve

tried every diet & every YouTube workout from non-professionals under the sun.

I decided to become a personal trainer to better my health and help others along the way. My

true passion is fitness and I am determined to provide value to my clients by using a combination

of my knowledge, experience, skills, and my own journey.

I know how it feels to be overweight. It controls your life, your mentality, your relationship with

food, how you view yourself… I want to show you sustainability. I want to show you that YOU

CAN, whilst guiding you every step of the way.


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Online Coach & Nutritionist

Level 4 Qualified Advanced Nutrition

My name is Sunny aka @thegainshustler, the online coach at HUSTLE HIIT. When I first started

training, I had no clue where or how to get started. After years in the process, I picked up key

skills and points that helped take my training and results to the next level. I would carry out the

same mistakes as a lot of people - training, eating semi healthy during the week and binge out

on the weekends. I  struggled to gain weight and muscle mass and I ended up going down the route of eating

anything and everything to do so. What did this do? I was big and overweight.

I finally had enough of not achieving the results I wanted and decided to take my diet more

seriously as the amount of time I had invested was not reciprocated with my results. I took a

step back and educate myself with the most effective methods of training, diet and supplements

backed up by the maths and science of it all. I gave dedicated myself 1 year to eating clean and

training hard to reach my goal. By using various methods and protocols I was able to change my

life forever. Not only did I transform my body completely, but I am now in the best mental

position I have ever been in.


What does this mean for you? I am now able to apply my expert knowledge that I have learnt

over the years and design bespoke programmes to each of you catering to all shapes, size, and

any dietary requirement. I am here to guide, support and motivate you to get the body you have

always dreamt about. Having been through the process myself I know exactly what you are


Why go through the process alone when we can go through it together?


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