Get Fit and Be in the Best Shape on Your Big Day!

After saying "yes" to the love of your life's proposition, it's time to start planning a wedding! This is also when getting in shape becomes extremely important for many. No matter your current fitness level, most brides or grooms-to-be want to look and feel their best selves during all the events leading up to the big day or walking down the aisle.

From watching what you eat to getting a consistent exercise plan and ensuring enough sleep, many ways may help you look and feel incredible.

Getting into shape before your big day is one of the things most brides or grooms have on their wish list. If you feel a bit stressed, we've got your back on this! We'll help you get in dream shape not only for your big day but for the rest of your life for less than your wedding day expenses.

We know that all you want on your wedding day is to look stunning, and losing weight or getting in shape is one way to achieve that.

Hire a Personal Trainer To Achieve Your Goals

It's tough to be motivated and consistent by yourself. It's advisable to hire a personal trainer to assist you on this journey to perfectness. Seek advice from your loved ones so they can support you as it can be both physically and emotionally draining.

Some of you may think a personal trainer is for lazy people, but you're mistaken. It's for weak people too. A good PT will make you feel like the Chosen One. That's what you want from a personal trainer, and deep down, you know it's their job to boost your confidence. They would have made it their mission to help you because they believe in you so much.

Have an early start

You'll know months earlier when you'll be having your wedding around a specific date. Start early and stop procrastinating. If you start early, you won't have to shed a lot of kgs in a short space of time.

Do not do the super last-minute workout, hunger, and setting goals to get into your outfit. Starting ahead of time with a healthy diet and exercise program will give you strength, flexibility, glowing complexion, and energy that makes you feel fabulous inside and out.

You'll be stress-free since you already have plenty of time on your hands.

Have a healthy diet or set up a meal plan

It's not just the responsible thing to say; it's a fact that maintaining a healthy weight is all about eating well. Losing weight is also not just about working hard in the gym or changing your diet for a period of time.

To avoid midnight cravings and those sessions where you binge eat lots of food out of stress, try looking for a healthy food plan where you don't feel deprived of food.

For most working people, preparing healthy food to take to the office is too much effort, finding the right food to match a balanced diet in town is nigh on impossible. Wouldn't it be great to have someone plan out your breakfast, lunch and dinner bearing calorie intake and nutrition level in mind, by changing your eating habits to become a healthy eater?

Engage your loved ones on this journey

You're not alone in your plans to get into shape for your big day. Don't be shy to engage your to-be-partner for life on this adventure. It is highly recommended to embark on this journey with people who have the same goals, to push each other forward.

Everyone wants to look good in a wedding photo. The people who care about you the most will be at the wedding party too. Make the most of these two points by getting people to help with your plans.

Be Realistic When Setting Goals

Set yourself a realistic target to break it down into other smaller realistic goals. If you set an unrealistic goal, all you'll be doing is feel bad about yourself because when you compare what you achieve in reality to your expectations, you'll always feel like what you are doing is not enough, which is not the case.

Have a workout diary where you log your progress against your expectation. With a professional Personal Trainer by your side, you'll be shadowed all the way, helping you visualise your progress.

Make it fun to fun to work out. Otherwise, it will become a burden, and progress will be hindered. All the time and effort you've invested will be in vain.

Final Thoughts

Try to stay positive as much as you can and keep your eye on the prize. Instead of just whining all the time about losing weight or getting fit, use your reason as motivation.

Motivate yourself to reach your goal and know that your prize will be wearing that dream dress or suit of yours. What better prize would you want for your wedding day?

With enough dedication, commitment and hard work, getting in shape is a pretty easy chore on the list of tasks for your wedding day! So don't lose hope and keep yourself going because you'll look stunning in that dream outfit of yours!

Looking at the wedding photos should make you happy, and if you feel comfortable on your big day, it will also reflect in the wedding photos.

Contact us now to get that dream body of your dreams!

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