What happens when you restart working out after a break?

For whatever, forced or unforced, reasons that you may have to take a break from working out, the most crucial step is to ease your way back in gently. Don't push too hard, or you could get injured.

Plan carefully to get to your previous level of fitness. It may take a few weeks, but it is better to take your time than to cause an injury and eventually have another prolonged break.

If you train and exercise regularly, there are plenty of great benefits to be gained, such as stronger muscles and bones, improved energy levels, sound mental health and, lower blood pressure, amongst others.

Doing regular exercise for more than a few weeks, you will probably enjoy several benefits without even knowing it.

Besides, it's essential to mention that everyone is distinct, and it is quite likely that if you have had a long break from the gym or working out, getting back on track will provide a new set of challenges.

However, it's not all sore muscles and a decrease in endurance, as there are so many things to going back to working out.

As you return to exercise after a break from exercise, you may experience:

A drop in performance

You may notice a drop in performance, decreased confidence and an increased likelihood of injury when you get back to exercising since your muscles and bones may not be as strong as they were earlier.

Feeling of self-fulfilment

You may feel a bit achier and out of breath than you were before but the challenge is more rewarding. Getting your body moving will help negate the most potential challenges and make you remember what you used to love about getting in shape.

Regular improvements

Although you may have a dip at first, it really shouldn't take you too long to get back on your old self, especially when it comes to the weight you're able to lift.

Now that your body has a great way to bounce back, with a structured plan, you can take advantage of these gains and enhancements every week as you strengthen your muscles.

Ample Rest

Plenty of rest in the initial few sessions may be your safe option. Providing your body with training stimulus can cause micro-tears in the muscle, which requires time to recover and repair. Thus, it is essential to get a good amount of rest to allow your body to rebuild and get stronger. As a general guideline, studies show that it takes around 48 hours -72 hours to recover from a workout. Focus on getting in quality workouts over quantity.

Rewards of exercising

By taking some steps to get back into exercising again, you will keep your body healthy and get the best out of all the fantastic benefits of working out.

Key Takeaway

Getting back into the swing of things may take a bit of getting used to. If you are not sure how to approach your return to fitness, you could benefit from a few sessions with a Personal Trainer. Here at Hustle Hiit, we'll be able to support you as you find your feet again.

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